NRA Courses

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is noted as the oldest shooting sports organizations in the United States.  Along with the mission of protecting US Citizens rights and the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, the NRA is committed to responsible firearms ownership through education. The NRA’s commitment to education is delivered through their development of specialized courses to teach the skills, knowledge and attitude for the responsible ownership and use of firearms.  With an emphasis on shooting sports the NRA has developed instructional courses that cover the three basic firearms groups we as Americans encounter the most: rifle, pistol and shotguns. Texas On Target has mastered the following disciplines and is proud offer the following courses developed by the NRA. Range Safety Officer Course Home Firearm Safety Course First Steps Basic Pistol Basic Pistol Shooting Course Personal Protection Inside the Home – Pistol Personal Protection Outside the Home – Pistol/CHL First Steps Rifle Orientation Course Basic Rifle Shooting Course First Steps Shotgun Orientation Course Baisc Shotgun Shooting Course Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars]]>