Online NRA Credentials Verfication Instructions


After NRA class Course Reports have been submitted to NRA Headquarters – NRA Instructor Credentials may be verified online. It make take between 24 and 72 hours for credentials to be listed online from the time the Course Report has been submitted.  Not all NRA Instructors will be able to view credentials online. What is required to verify credentials online?
  • You must have an NRA Member Number OR …
  • an NRA Instructor ID Number AND …
  • the number must have been provided to your Instructor for inclusion in the class Course Report.
Reasons online Instructors Verification may NOT work:
  • If NOT currently an NRA member or…
  • If your NRA member number was not included on the course report or…
  • If your NRA Instructors number was NOT submitted on the course report.
No valid number submitted with the Course Report means online verification of NRA Credentials is NOT possibile.  If online verification of NRA Credentials is not possbile the NRA Instructor will have to wait to receive an NRA Member Number or NRA Instructor ID Number when credentials are mailed directly from the NRA. Mailed credentials will consist of a Certificate, and a Wallet Card that will appear much like this:


As a Certified Instructor your credentials will be printed on the NRA issued Wallet card.  In addition to your listed Credentials at the bottom of the wallet card you will find your NRA Instructor ID Number and the date when your credentials expire.

Remember you MUST renew to keep your credentials past the expiration date.

Use the link below to be taken to the NRA Instructors Credential Verification login web page.


If the above link does not work click – HERE

 The above link is the same link that Law Enforcement and Texas Department of Public Safety – Concealed Handgun License personel will use to verify your credentials and to check to see if the Credentials are current and valid.  Moving forward your NRA ID Number will be used everytime you deal with the NRA as an Instructor.

NOTE: Aside from Credentials Verification the above page has little value to the NRA Instructor.  The official NRA Instructors portal is located here is the main page for all NRA Instructors to Book Courses, Post reports, Order Materials, etc.

NOTE: as of the date this page was published: Texas DPS only required NRA Instructor ID number and Last name to verify Certified Instructor Status for CHL.